Need a Dining Out Altenative?

We'll Cook for you! Let us be Your Personal Chef



We’ll meet for an in-home consultation where we’ll complete a comprehensive food questionnaire to determine food preferences, dietary restrictions, food allergies or other specific needs. Also included is an evaluation of your food storage needs for prepared meals, preferred cook days/times and logistics such as access to your kitchen.


Meal Plan


Next the Menu

Select a plan and let us know…. Whether you prefer heart healthy meals, low sodium, fat free, vegetarian, vegan or have family’s favorites! Each recipe will be tailored to you. We give you the option of telling us what you eat or selecting from a menu of our most popular dishes.


Sample Menu


Finally, it Cook Day

Our chef will shop for fresh quality ingredients and bring these supplies along with our kitchen tools to your home to prepare your menu selections.  The only evidence left behind will be a sparkling kitchen and amazing aromas of home cooked meals!