Let's your Kid Cook Dinner Tonight!

Mom,Dad, Dinner is ready! After coming home from a long work day, would these words from your child make you happy?

Cooking is a lifelong tool that not only is a learning experience, but fun. We can teach your child basic cooking techniques and some kitchen magic to make simple healthy meals for the family to enjoy.

Our chef instructor work with your children to prepare a healthy entree with a side dish or a simple quick dessert.
These lessons are best for 6-17 year old. Parents are encourage to be present.
Let's your Kid Cook Dinner
  • Details

    The lesson is approx. 2 hours for 1-2 children. The lessons will be held in your kitchen. Equipment needs are a chef knife and cutting board for each participant and basic cooking equipment.
    Groceries for a healthy quick meal are included in price. Meal yields 4 servings.
    (mileage fees may apply for location 20 miles outside of 19129 radius)

    Menus can accommodate your dietary requirements.